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3 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 by Michael Sorrentino

Wet basement in Montana

Basement waterproofing is an often overlooked process. The basement is a very important part of your home and the home’s building envelope, and as such it is important to look after and maintain your basement. Neglecting this part of the home will cause unnecessary problems for the whole house.

Water puts a lot of stress on our Montana home foundations. A typical foundation leak is caused by the soil around the home becoming saturated with moisture, so the soil expands and the weight of the water presses against your foundation walls. This is called hydrostatic pressure, and basically this means that water is almost always trying to seep into the basement.

1) The main reason that waterproofing a basement is to your advantage is because of the available space. An unused basement is a significant part of the home that could be repurposed for storage, or even finished to create another bedroom, bathroom, recreational room, or anything else you can imagine! If properly utilized, this part of the home can be just as useful as the upper floors.

2) The second reason for waterproofing your basement is to promote healthy air quality. Wet basements have the temperature and relative humidity that promotes mold and fungus growth. Very often this will create heightened allergies and increased asthma symptoms, decreasing your comfort level in your own home and potentially contributing to any health problems.

3) The third reason to waterproof your basement is actually tied directly to the second. Water seeping into the basement will give mold, mildew, and fungus the perfect foothold to grow and spread. Besides the health issues, the potential for structural damage is extremely high. The organic materials in the basement, such as the wood in joists and supports, become the ideal food when paired with high humidity and excess moisture. This can cause significant property damage and potentially weaken the structural integrity of the home, reducing your home’s value and creating a dangerous safety risk.

Waterproofing the basement is an important step for maximizing the usable space in your home. By mitigating the water seepage into the basement, you can avoid health risks and possible structural damage to your home. Basements can be made into a useful storage space, or even finished to provide a comfortable, conditioned space designed however you’d like.

Don’t let moisture build up in your basement, take the necessary steps to prevent this situation, and see how much more comfortable your home can be. Hi-line Flood Solutions is your local, professional basement waterproofing contractor, and will help you deal with the negative effects of a wet basement. We offer our services to the Northern Montana area including Havre, Chinook, and many of the neighboring towns and cities.

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