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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Repair - Havre, Montana

The WaterGuard® basement drain system.

The project:

Installing a basement waterproofing system in a totally finished basement that contained standing water and a substantial amount of water-damaged building materials.

The challenge:

Until recently, Havre, Montana has been a very dry area. Waterproofing a basement wasn't a major concern. But conditions have changed over the last several years. We've had more wet weather and many homes that have always had dry basements are now experiencing serious water issues. Such was the case in a home we worked on recently. The owner had completely finished the basement with wood-framed walls, standard gypsum board and spray foam insulation that was applied between studs and against the poured concrete foundation.

We were contacted to repair water damage from a leaking pipe in the basement ceiling. When we removed some moisture damaged Sheetrock® from the wall, we found water coming up along the slab/wall joint. It was a slow but steady leak that had caused a considerable amount of mold to develop. Further investigation revealed soggy, ruined Sheetrock and rotted wall framing. The homeowner knew without a doubt that a basement waterproofing system was needed.

The solution:

We sold the homeowner on our WaterGuard® drainage system, linked to a new sump pump. To access the edge of the basement slab for the WaterGuard® installation, we removed the bottom 4 ft. of the walls framed against the foundation. Most of this material had to come out anyway because of mold and moisture damage. We also removed the spray foam insulation up to 16 in. above floor level.

When we jackhammered the trench for the WaterGuard® drainage channel, we found sand and standing water –plenty of evidence that the soil is saturated with moisture. But, the waterproofing system has performed flawlessly since we completed the installation. We reframed the walls so that the basement could be finished again –this time with effective protection against moisture damage . The space is dry, the mold and moisture problems have been eliminated and (most importantly) the homeowner is very happy.

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